2. Requirements

THOR runs in any Windows, Linux and macOS environment without any further requirements. Everything needed is already included in the program package.

To use the full potential of THOR, you should execute it with administrative privileges - LOCAL_SYSTEM on Windows and root on Linux/macOS systems.

2.1. Operating Systems

The following operating systems and their versions are the minimum requirements to run THOR. Any newer version will also work with THOR.





Windows 7 x86/x64

macOS 10.14 (Mojave)


Windows Server 2008 R2

macOS 11 (Intel)

Ubuntu 16 LTS

macOS 11 (ARM, Apple M1)

Debian 9

2.1.1. Legacy Systems

These versions are scannable with THOR Legacy. The legacy version of THOR is usually running on those systems, but if you encounter any problems, we will not be able to fix them. Contact us for details on how to download and use THOR Legacy.




Windows Server 2008

x86 and x64


Windows Server 2003 SP2

x86 and x64


Windows Server 2003 SP1

x86 and x64


Windows Server 2003

x86 and x64


Windows XP SP3

x86 and x64


Windows XP SP2

x86 and x64


2.1.2. THOR for AIX

We offer a special version for AIX. Currently only a small number of versions are supported. We are extensively testing THOR on AIX 7.2 with Power7/Power8. THOR for AIX will not run on older versions of AIX. If you are running a newer version and are interested in THOR for AIX, we can always provide a test license to verify if everything is working as expected.

2.1.3. Unsupported

If you need to perform an analysis on unsupported operating systems or architectures, contact us for a solution using THOR Thunderstorm and Thunderstorm collectors.

We have productive setups with our customers involving the file collection from:

  • SPARC Solaris

  • RHEL Linux 4

  • Citrix Netscaler

  • ICS environments with Windows XP embedded systems (planned)

  • VMWare ESX (see this blog post)

2.2. Update Servers

To download the newest updates for THOR and our signatures, you need an active internet connection. The endpoint performing the update needs to reach our update servers to do this.

For a detailed and up to date list of our update and licensing servers, please visit https://www.nextron-systems.com/hosts/.


You do not need an active internet connection to scan an endpoint. This is only needed if you want to update to the latest THOR and signature versions. There are special licenses for special circumstances, for example when the licensed system does not have internet access.