18. Known Issues

18.1. THOR#001: Could not parse sigma logsources

Error could not parse sigma log sources
FILE: config\sigma.yml ERROR: no logsources element found

The issue occurs only for very old THOR installations that at one time had the template file config\tmpl-sigma.yml named config\sigma.yml.

18.1.1. THOR#001: Workaround

The error can be ignored and the THOR scan will run as expected. To prevent the error message from showing, remove config\sigma.yml or use a newly downloaded THOR package.

18.1.2. THOR#001: Status


18.2. THOR#002: THOR in Lab-Mode does not scan network or external drives

If running a command like thor64.exe --lab -p Z:\myshare THOR will not currently scan the path. Normally the --alldrives flag should be implicitly activated in Lab-mode.

18.2.1. THOR#002: Workaround

You have to add the --alldrives flag on your own. E.g.

C:\thor>thor64.exe --lab -p Z:\myshare --alldrives

18.2.2. THOR#002: Status