16. Analysis and Info

16.1. Log Analysis Manual

You can find our Log Analysis Manual online:


This will help to process the events generated by THOR.

16.2. VALHALLA Rule Lookup

The new rule info pages allow you to get more information on a certain rule. You can find all the meta data, as well as past rule matches and previous antivirus verdicts. A second tab contains statistics. You can also report false positives that you've encountered with that rule using the button in the tab bar.

Note that the rule info lookups in the web GUI are rate limited. If you query rule infos too often, you get blocked.

The rule info pages can be access using this URL scheme:


For example:


Rule Info Page

Rule Info Page

16.3. Rule List Output

By using the --print-signatures flag, you can get a list of all initialized YARA and Sigma rules.

Rule List Output

Rule List Output

This information can also be printed machine readable as JSON by using the --print-signatures-json flag.